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Egon Spengler

He is the brains of the GhostbustersTM. He specialises in techniques in the study of ghosts. Most of the GhostbustersTM ' gadgets, such as the proton pack and the ghost traps, Egon developed together with Ray Stanz.

Ghost Lord

The Ghost Lord can be identified by his old clothing, since he was once a rich businessman. As a ghost, he now floats around with his walking stick and hat. When he comes into contact with light, he gives off a spooky glow in the dark.


A device that Egon, Ray, and Peter developed back in their university days. It's purpose is to detect, measure, and monitor psychokinetic energy (PKE). With the help of this PKE meter, the GhostbustersTM can find almost any ghost.

In this package: Egon Spengler and Ghost.

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